Are you an avid snowboarder looking for the perfect wall mount to display your board?

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, having the right wall mount for your snowboard is essential. Vertical snowboard wall mounts are the perfect way to show off your board and keep it safe from damage. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can choose the best one for your board and your space.

With a vertical snowboard wall mount, you can proudly display your board and keep it safe from harm. It’s the perfect way to show off your board and make a statement in any room. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your board taking up valuable floor space.

How We Choose

You want to store your snowboard safely and securely, but don't know which wall mount to choose.

It can be hard to find the right wall mount for your snowboard because there are so many different models and sizes available. How do you know which one will keep your snowboard safe and secure?

Our team of snowboard experts has researched the best vertical snowboard wall mounts for your needs. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect wall mount for your snowboard.

We hope you will discover your next great find from the products we’ve listed in this article. As an Amazon affiliate, we do earn commissions from qualifying purchases. However, each of our recommendations is our own and has been chosen with love and care. Enjoy finding your favorite supplies and equipment for your someday to your everyday!

The Greatest Budget Vertical Snowboard Wall Mount

StoreYourBoard Cinch Minimalist Snowboard Wall Mount

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Why It's Great

The StoreYourBoard Cinch Minimalist Snowboard Wall Mount is the perfect solution for hanging your snowboard on the wall. With its ultra-slim design, it displays your snowboard's graphics and design without taking away from the beauty of your board. Plus, its rubber bumpers can be spaced to fit your board's width and grip your board's edges to hold it in place.

Buyer Considerations

The Cinch is perfect for displaying your snowboards in your home, garage, or resort home for easy-access storage. Hang one snowboard or order multiple mounts to show off your entire collection. It's also great for adding a personal touch to any room in your home, office, apartment, dorm room, or ski shop. With the StoreYourBoard Cinch Minimalist Snowboard Wall Mount, you can show off your snowboard obsession in style.

The Greatest Protective Vertical Snowboard Wall Mount

SkateHoarding Wall Bullet Snowboard Wall Mount Display Hanger Rack

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Why It's Great

SkateHoarding's Wall Bullet Snowboard Wall Mount Display Hanger Rack is the perfect way to show off your snowboard collection in style. With its easy-to-install design, you can have your snowboards mounted in just minutes. The deluxe solid rubber bullets protect and grip your snowboard edges securely, so you can be sure that your boards will stay put and your edges stay sharp.

Buyer Considerations

The Wall Bullet Snowboard Wall Mount Display Hanger Rack is extra tall and robust, ensuring plenty of grip without board slippage. Its ultra-stable bullet mounts allow for easy Grab & Go functionality, so you can take your snowboard off the wall with ease. Plus, its compact design shows off your snowboard without taking up too much space. So, if you're looking for a great way to protect and display your snowboard collection, look no further than SkateHoarding's Wall Bullet Snowboard Wall Mount Display Hanger Rack.

The Greatest Large Capacity Vertical Snowboard Wall Mount

Koova Snowboard Wall Mount Rack Holder

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Why It's Great

The Koova Snowboard Wall Mount Rack Holder is the perfect way to store your snowboarding gear in one convenient, space-saving location. It’s made of heavy-duty steel and is corrosion and rust-resistant, so you know it’s built to last. Plus, the rubber-coated arms are evenly spaced and angled to hold the board without scratching its finish or edges.

Buyer Considerations

The Koova Snowboard Rack can hold up to four snowboards vertically, maximizing space and making it perfect for active families or rentals. Mounting hardware is included so you can hang it in minutes, and it’s engineered to last a lifetime. Plus, it’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. So you can be sure you’re getting the best quality product and will be ready to shred in no time!

The Greatest Vertical Snowboard Wall Mount for Versatility

WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer

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Why It's Great

Say goodbye to the mess of sporting gear scattered in your garage or shed with our WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer! With large capacity storage designed specifically for holding snowboards, skateboards, bikes, helmets, baseballs, soccer balls, volleyballs and more, this versatile wall-mounted rack will help you survive the daily chaos of small (and big!) athletes in your home.

The durable construction gives it easy access to any stored item and prevents them from being moved around by kids or pets. It’s also a great way to save floor space, giving your garage a nice neat look! And with simple installation, you won’t have to worry about having an extra headache when setting up.

This sports equipment organizer is sure to be the perfect solution for parents everywhere – organization at its best! Kids love having their sporting gear just steps away with no more cluttered floors and zero stress trying to find that one lost ball that always seems to elude everyone in the house. Get organized today with WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer!

Buyer Considerations

This sports equipment organizer for the garage is quite a dynamic piece of kit, making it a perfect addition to your home setup. With rubber-coated and removable hooks, you can be sure that your precious athletic gear will remain unscathed while you hang them up. What’s more, the 72” steel rail (in 3 panels) gives tremendous versatility in customizability so you can tailor the attachment spacing to meet your individual needs – from basketballs to vertical snowboard wall mounts and everything in between! All this ease of adjustability makes the sports equipment organizer for your garage the ideal storage solution no matter what sport you're into.

Snowboard Storage Frequently Asked Questions

It's the middle of summer and you're not thinking about snowboarding, but you should be!

If you don't store your snowboard correctly, it could damage the board or even make it impossible to ride next season.

Follow these simple tips for storing your snowboard and it will be in great condition when you're ready to hit the slopes again.

How do you hang a snowboard in the garage?

Hanging your snowboard in the garage is a great way to make sure that it’s off the floor and safe from any potential damage. The best method for hanging a snowboard in the garage is by utilizing one of two scenarios: wall mounting or ceiling mounting.

Wall Mounting: To begin, you’ll need to purchase two short-length screws specifically designed for wall mounting and measure out how far apart they should be on the wall. Next, using an awl or screwdriver, punch holes into each of the designated areas at which point you can affix your screws directly into the drywall. Once your screws are securely fastened to their respective locations, use a ratchet strap (or other means) to secure your snowboard perpendicular against the wall around both screws - making sure there's enough slack so nothing gets damaged while being secured tightly. Finally, use small washers/nails/tackless pins or other support pieces of hardware around either side of each screw head - allowing them both extra security when bearing weight as well as extra longevity so you don't have to rehang your snowboard anytime soon!

Ceiling Mounting: If you don't want anything up on your walls but still want easy access too - then ceiling mounting is just what you need! Purchase two lag bolts with washers (depending on whichever type fits better through pre-drilled holes in your board) and measure out where exactly they will go above head height in order to ensure easy access when retrieving it later down the line; free up more ground space if necessary! Utilize some levelers (or even 3x2 braces!) along with drilled pilot holes and utilize masonry bit bits drill right through concrete ceilings if necessary - these lag bolts should be placed within 12 inches away from each other at maximum since this will provide enough clearance and support without overburdening any single spot too much weight wise. Now simply attach a routine cam buckle strap (which allows adjustable tension levels while still providing comfort) keeping them perpendicularly against itself between both points – again making sure there's just enough slack not to cause damage while putting pressure onto needed areas simultaneously during movement or whatever else may come its way! Enjoy & stay safe always!"

If you don't want to DIY your own mounts, pick from any of our reviewed vertical wall mounts to ease your storage woes.

How do you store a snowboard at home?

When it comes to storing a snowboard at home, there are plenty of options. So whether you’re looking for something stylish or simply functional, you’ve come to the right place!

One popular way of storing snowboards is with wall racks. These provide easy access and also display the boards in full view which can look great if your room has a nice design aesthetic. There are several types available, such as those designed specifically for holding snowboards or ones intended for skis and snowboards that hang on the wall horizontally so they don’t take up too much space. For an added bonus, some shelves come with hooks so you can hang your board vertically as well.

If you’re looking to put away your board but don't have any wall space available then consider using a freestanding storage rack instead. A good option might be one made of metal tubing with adjustable arms so that multiple size boards can fit onto it without issue. Additionally, it's portable making it ideal for taking along when camping out in snowy areas – just set up the stand outside and store your board securely inside when not in use!

Finally if neither of those methods sounds like what you're looking for then there's always the classic way – just put a soft board bag overtop and store like that underbed or side-table until next season rolls around again! It may not be fancy but this is still extremely effective since most bags offer padding protection against bumps and moisture buildup while keeping dust off at least somewhat - plus they come in all sorts sizes depending on how many boards yours will hold (usually 2-4). And here’s an extra tip: try adding cedar chips or sweetgrass inside when packing away to repel moths from damaging fabric parts during wintertime storage periods!

How long do snowboards last in storage?

Storage is a great way to lengthen the lifespan of your snowboard, but just how long can you expect it to last in storage? The answer may surprise you!

When it comes to the longevity of your snowboard when placed in storage, here are some simple rules of thumb. First, make sure that your board is properly stored: place it upright on a rack or shelf in a cool and dry area and out of direct sunlight. Also be sure that nothing else is touching or leaning against it — no extra weight should be sitting on top of it either. This will help ensure that there’s no moisture build-up over time that could cause damage.

In terms of exactly how long your board can stay in storage before needing to be used again… well, between proper care and maintenance, you could expect up to 5 years without any dirt or grime buildup! This is especially true if you plan on simply letting the board sit untouched during each season — meaning no waxing or other forms of maintenance are needed until such time as you take it out for use again.

So if you’re looking for an extended period away from using your snowboard without sacrificing its life expectancy too much — as long as proper storage procedures are followed — then rest assured knowing that even after five years have passed by, chances are high that your trusty ‘ol ride will still be ready for action!

Is it OK to store a snowboard upright?

This is a great question that I hear often, and the answer depends on how you define “OK”. Storing your snowboard upright can save a lot of space in your garage/basement/closet but as with everything else, there are pros and cons to consider.

The upside of storing a snowboard in an upright position is that it allows for easier access when you need it. You won't have to bend down or move things around just to get to it, making the process much simpler and quicker. Plus, it also helps keep dirt off the bottom of your board so you can make sure it stays clean longer!

On the flip side, keeping a snowboard upright could cause some damage if not done properly. When stored upright (as opposed to being flat), gravity will eventually pull at certain components like bindings or foot straps which may cause them to stretch out over time due to their weight being unevenly distributed across them. It could also cause warping from extended exposure if stored outside or in direct sunlight for too long - two things likely not ideal for any type of board storage!

Overall, storing a snowboard upright isn't inherently bad but there are definitely some considerations one must take into account before deciding what's best for their particular situation. If done correctly (i.e., making sure your bindings/straps don't stretch out) then an upright setup can be just as effective - if not more so - than laying flat!

How do you store a new snowboard?

Storing a new snowboard is not as simple as throwing it in the back of your shed and forgetting about it. With the right care and maintenance, you can ensure that your snowboard stays in tip-top shape for years to come! Here are some tips on how to properly store a new snowboard:

1. Make sure to give your board a good cleaning before storing it away – use an all-natural cleaner like rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol with paper towels or soft cloths.

2. Once fully dry, wax your board with a specialized wax that will help protect against corrosion and other elements that can damage the base of your board over time.

3. Store the board in an area with low humidity, such as underneath or inside furniture, or even better - indoors! Keep away from windows where direct sunlight is present since this could cause warping/deterioration of composite materials used in modern boards’ construction; ideally should practice cold storage if possible (aim for 50°F/10°C).

4. If you must store outdoors then make sure to get a quality weatherproof bag made especially for snowboards - these bags are designed to keep moisture out and ensure proper insulation when stored outside.

5. Finally, periodically check up on the condition of any protective covering you may have used over time—especially if stored outdoors—to prevent premature deterioration due to extended exposure to harsh elements like rain, sleet, wind etc!

How do you store snowboarding equipment?

When it comes to storing snowboarding equipment, the best strategy is to be proactive and organized. To keep your gear in tip-top shape season after season, here are some pro tips:

1) Keep the Gear Together - Having an assigned spot for all of your gear - boots, bindings, boards, accessories - helps ensure nothing gets lost or damaged when not in use. A storage rack or cabinet designed specifically for sports equipment lets you hang up multiple pieces of apparel at once and keeps them looking neat and tidy.

2) Clean Up After Each Use – Taking a few minutes after each session to clean off dirt and mud from your boards will help them last much longer than if left unchecked. Whatever cleaning products you use should be safe for both the environment (non-toxic) and wax application (no alcohol). Additionally, before storing your snowboard in its place make sure any hardware or loose parts are properly tightened so they won’t vibrate loose over time.

3) Protect Your Ride! – Leaving a board unprotected can cause major wear-and-tear on bases that come into contact with dust or other objects during storage. To avoid this problem store each board separately inside protective plastic covers so they don’t rub against each other while being stored away until next season rolls around!

Can snowboards warp?

Yes, snowboards can warp—but not necessarily in the way you might think. With time and use, even the best-made snowboard can form small bends and curves along its edges or in its center. This is normal wear and tear that happens to any piece of gear subjected to the elements and extreme temperatures associated with mountain sports like snowboarding!

But don’t despair if your board seems to have developed a bend; it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it! Snowboard warps are simply caused by two main factors: constant pressure from boots during riding (known as footpress) and exposure to high temperatures. For example, when boards are left too close to heaters or hot tubs for extended periods of time, they may end up developing small creases or warps.

Fortunately, this isn’t a signifier of poor craftsmanship; instead, these irregularities should be viewed as badges of honor that prove you’ve ridden your board hard enough for long enough for it to develop some battle scars! The good news is that these minor bends usually aren't noticeable while riding your board; so even if there's a slight warp in your board most people won't be able to tell because they'll be smaller than a millimeter—unless you really inspect closely!

In case you do need help fixing any major structural deformities on your snowboard (such as large waves), reach out to an experienced repair technician who will know how best restore its original shape. After all, given how important proper ride performance is when hitting the slopes—it pays off to get a professional opinion before taking matters into one's own hands (so make sure those bindings are strapped tight!)

Warping can also occur under poor storage conditions. This happens when a board is exposed to a certain level of temperature and humidity for an extended period of time. A warped snowboard will cause your bindings to be off-center, making it harder for you to turn and control the board on the mountain.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to prevent warping from happening in the first place. One of the most important things is proper storage. You should store your board in a cool, dry place between rides so that it stays away from other heat sources (like radiators or sunny windows) and doesn't experience drastic changes in temperature or moisture levels. It's also very helpful to give your board regular maintenance such as waxing it before each ride and fixing any minor dents or scratches with repair kits designed for snowboards. Finally, make sure you buy a good quality snowboard instead of one that is cheaply made – higher quality construction materials like aluminum alloy edge rails help boards retain their original shape better over time even if they are regularly used in extreme temperatures or humid climates.

The best vertical snowboard wall mount? Here is our recommendation.

We hope our article has helped you find the perfect vertical snowboard wall mount to fit your needs. Snowboarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, relieve stress, and have some thrills without breaking the bank. Now that you have the information you need to make an informed purchase, it’s time to take action and get yours today! Tap the "Check Price on Amazon" button now for a great deal on any of these top 4 products.