Looking for a new way to keep your dog entertained?

Dogs love to play hide and seek. It's a game that is both fun and mentally stimulating for them. And now there are toys specifically designed for this type of play.  Hide-and-seek toys are the perfect way to keep your dog entertained while you're busy. They provide hours of fun for both you and your pup. Plus, they're a great way to bond with your pet and help them burn off some energy.

Check out our list of the top five hide-and-seek dog toys on Amazon. Your dog will love playing with any one of these toys, guaranteed!

How We Choose

You want to buy your pup a new toy but don't know where to start.

There are so many pet toys on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your pup. And if you're like most people, you probably don't have time to test out every option yourself.

We've done the work for you! After reading through hundreds of reviews and testing out a few of the highest-rated options, we've compiled a list of our favorite hide-and-seek dog toys. From interactive puzzles to foraging mats, not only will your pup will love playing with these toys, but they will keep your dog mentally stimulated.

We hope you will discover your next great find from the products we’ve listed in this article. As an Amazon affiliate, we do earn commissions from qualifying purchases. However, each of our recommendations is our own and has been chosen with love and care. Enjoy finding your favorite supplies and equipment for your someday to your everyday!

The Greatest Hide and Seek Toy for Character Variety

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow Interactive Dog Toys –Retro Camper

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Why It's Great

Calling all pup owners! We've got something incredibly engaging to keep your doggo busy come rain or shine - ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow Interactive Dog Toy - Retro Camper!

Lickety-Split, treat your canine companion to the ultimate adventure. This hide-and-seek puzzler is a surefire way to make them feel like they're the King or Queen of the Hill. Let their wildest adventures begin as they dig out squeaky woodland characters from this delightful retro camper and chase after them for hours of tail-wagging fun (not to mention training and exercise).

With high-quality fabric, stitching and squeakers, your pup will be sure to have not only pawsome playtime experience but a safe one too with these adorable plush dog puzzles! Come one, come all – playtime awaits!

Buyer considerations

If you're looking for the perfect hide-and-seek toy to keep your pup entertained, look no further than Zippy Paws. These hide-and-seek dog toys come in a variety of shapes and styles to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

Each of these plush dog puzzles is expertly designed with an exclusive noisemaker optimized to produce a sound that dogs love. You can also rest assured that every hide-and-seek dog toy has been tested and approved by pups just like yours, so you know your furry friend will be entertained for hours.

They aren't recommended as toys for aggressive chewers, but they are sure to bring endless joy to your pup's life!

The Greatest for Hide and Seek Toy for Size Options

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy - Hide and Seek Activity for Dogs

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Why It's Great

Woof! Does your doggo need something cute to play with? Give them the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy! These plush dog toys are absolutely paw-fect for pesky pooches who love to hunt and squeak!

Fill the tree trunk with 3 stuffed squirrels, and let your pup’s instincts take over. You can toss it, put it on the ground, or launch those little squirrels for a hilarious game of fetch. See that tongue hanging out? That’s your pup challenging herself to figure out how to get all three squirrels out of the trunk.

Plus, these cute plush dog puzzles come in sizes from small to extra large so every dog can join in on the fun! Get wheely excited about hours of hide-and-squeak entertainment with this irresistible puzzle toy!

Buyer considerations

Outward Hound products are designed and tested by not just a team of dog owners, but their furry friends too! Their hide-and-seek dog toy proves that their products are thoughtful and specifically crafted for dogs' unique needs.

The hide-and-seek dog toy is gentle on the teeth and gums, making it suitable for both pups and adults.

With safety in mind, this hide-and-seek plush toy is not intended to be a chew toy; rather, it is meant to be enjoyed under supervision when playing with your pup. Outward Hound products will provide your pup with an interactive and enjoyable experience no matter its age!

The Greatest Hide-and-Seek Foraging Toy

AWOOF No Stuffing Dog Toy—Hermit Crab

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Why It's Great

Let's be real for a sec-- Fido loves to sniff, but sometimes there simply aren't enough sniffs in his day. Introducing AWOOF's No Stuffing Hermit Crab Dog Toy—the perfect way to keep your pup entertained for hours! This interactive toy is designed with your dog's development in mind, providing their senses with plenty of stimulation.

The six hidden food bags let your pet indulge in some doggy sniffing activity and get a bit of a workout while they're at it. Plus, the crinkly textures and squeakers inside the toy will grab your pup's attention like nothing else!

It doesn't stop there, though. The AWOOF Hermit Crab Dog Toy can also be used in two different ways; you can leave it unrolled for maximum puppy sniffing snazziness or - if you want to increase the difficulty - roll up the shell and fasten it with velcro.

Perfect for small dogs and medium-sized dogs, these colorful squeaky dog toys make an amazing slow feeder, slowing your furry friends'  eating time and helping improve digestion along the way.

Who's ready for some serious fun? Get yourself a Hermit Crab Dog Toy from AWOOF and let them nose around all day long - with loads of silly giggles along the way!

Buyer considerations

The hide-and-seek dog toy is the perfect way to keep your pup engaged. The surface of this chew toy has a corduroy fabric finish that helps clean and massage their teeth and gums, keeping them healthy.

Not only will it help with their oral hygiene, but its hermit crab shape also allows you to hide treats inside and play hide-and-seek with your pup, forming an emotional bond.

With durable construction and reinforced stitching, this hide-and-seek toy is built to last and can also be used to help maintain your pup's weight and health by providing physical activity.

The Greatest Hide-and-Seek Toy for Overall Sensory Stimulation

YEP PUPPY Cute Snuffle Dog Toys–Fun Crinkly Squeaky Hide and Seek Dog Toys- Chip and Potato Toys

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Why It's Great

Squeee! YEP PUPPY's Cute Snuffle Dog Toys are going to make your pup squeal with delight! Your four-legged friend will love these fun crinkly, squeaky toys. With an irresistible noise maker, they won't be able to resist an adventure in hide and seek.

These plush dog toys are not only super fun but also safe and made of soft textures that your pup can explore. They’re great for a stimulating sensory experience with crinkly materials and squeakers enticing them to investigate further!

Plus, you can even hide treats within the individual mini squeaker toys or at the bottom of the “potato chip bag”; it's like a game of fetch and find all rolled into one.

Your pup may never be bored again because YEP PUPPY's Cute Snuffle Dog Toys offer hours of entertainment. Whether it's chasing around the crinkle sounds or hunting for treats inside its pockets, this toy is sure to capture your pup's imagination.

So unleash the fun times and keep your dog mentally stimulated with these awesome dog toys today - it's sure to liven up those boring days AND nights!

Buyer considerations

This dynamic hide-and-seek dog toy set is an ideal choice for keeping your pup entertained for hours. This hide and squeak bundle includes 1 x plush and crinkly storage bag (14"x9"), and 5 x plush "potato chip" toys (4.5") with adorable expressions that will surely mimic your pet's during playtime.

Moreover, the toys have a super-soft exterior accented by crinkle and squeak interiors to attract your pup’s attention and keep them stimulated. Furthermore, each component can be used as a slow feeder, though supervision is necessary while in use.

The Greatest Hide and Seek Foraging Mat

ZMUBB Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

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Why It's Great

Looking for an entertaining and safe way to keep your pup entertained? Look no further than the amazing ZMUBB Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs! These educational and interactive dog puzzle toys make the hunt for food in nature fun and easy for your pup. They encourage foraging, keep dogs relaxed, and build their natural instincts. Plus, they're made with high-quality materials that are soft and durable — so you can trust they will last a long time!

This pet snuffle mat is also designed to make mealtime more fun. Hide treats among the grass shapes to get your furry friend’s brain going while they search and sniff out their favorite snack.

ZMUBB has even added in some extra features like a squeaker at the center of the petal, five carrots in a row, and several pieces of randomly placed ringing paper so your pup's foraging adventure will never be boring! These additions help make mealtime more engaging and enjoyable, and even have your pup laughing as they chow down!

Plus it’s easy to store away when needed. The pet puzzle toy comes with a length-adjustable belt, making it simple to fold up or secure the mat as needed. Throw it in a storage bag when not being used — perfect for bringing along on trips with your pup or just needing a quick way to clean up in between meal times.

Let your pup explore its wild side while getting fed with this hilarious and entertaining snuffle mat from ZMUBB!

Buyer considerations

This enrichment toy not only provides hours of entertaining hide-and-seek fun for your canine, but it also comes with many practical benefits. It is specifically designed to be easy to clean, machine or hand washable for proper maintenance.

Plus, the size of 31 x 19 inches makes this toy perfect for all dog breeds, and can even be used as a cat food mat. This dog enrichment toy could be an ideal solution for providing your pet with endless interactive fun and mental stimulation!

Dog Toy Frequently Asked Questions

You want to get your dog a new toy, but you're not sure which one is the best for them.

It can be tough to figure out what type of toy is best for your pup- they all seem to like different things!

We've got you covered. This list of the most commonly asked questions will help you choose the perfect toy for your furry friend.

Do dogs like playing hide and seek with toys? 

Dogs definitely enjoy playing hide and seek with toys! It's a fun game for them because it combines the excitement of seeking out their toy with the satisfaction of finding it. Plus, it gives them a chance to use their natural hunting instincts.

Some dogs may be a little slower at finding their toy, but most will get the hang of it pretty quickly. And once they do, they'll love playing this game over and over again!

How do you play hide and seek with a dog toy?

There are a few different ways to play hide and seek with a dog toy. One way is to put the toy in an obvious spot and tell your dog to find it. Once your dog finds the toy, praise him and give him a treat.

Another way to play is to hide the toy under a blanket or somewhere your dog can't see it, and then tell him to find it. When he gets close, say "found it!" and give him a treat. You can also move the toy around while your dog is searching for it, which will make the game more challenging.

No matter how you play hide and seek with your dog, make sure you always praise him when he finds the toy so he knows he did a good job.

For solo dogs hide and seek toys are great for interactive fun, mental stimulation, and canine enrichment when you can't be with your pup. With this list of the 5 best hide-and-seek dog toys on Amazon according to thousands of reviews, you can make sure your pup is getting a toy that they'll love playing with!

How do I keep my dog entertained while at work?

It's important to provide your dog with plenty of stimulation and exercise both before and after you leave for work. Leave a few toys out for him to play with, make sure his food and water bowls are full, and take him for a walk or play with him in the yard before you leave.

You might also want to consider investing in some puzzle toys that will keep him entertained while you're gone. There are many different types available, but most of them require your dog to figure out how to get to the treats or toys inside by pushing, pulling, or nudging them around. This type of interactive play is not only fun for dogs, but it also helps keep their minds active and engaged.

What toy will keep my dog busy?

There are a number of toys on the market that are specifically designed to keep dogs busy. One popular option is the Kong toy, which can be filled with treats or peanut butter to keep dogs entertained for hours. Another option is a puzzle feeder, which challenges dogs to figure out how to get to their food. There are also a number of interactive toys available that challenge dogs to play with them in order to dispense dog treats or play fetch. Ultimately, it's important to find a toy that your dog enjoys and that will keep them mentally stimulated.

What is a dog's favorite toy?

There's no one answer to this question since dogs can have different preferences when it comes to toys. Some dogs love playing fetch with a ball, while others prefer chasing after a toy mouse. Some dogs enjoy playing tug-of-war with a rope or chewing on a bone. As long as your dog enjoys playing with it, any toy can be his or her favorite!

Do toys make dogs happy?

There's no one answer to this question since dogs can get different kinds of happiness from different kinds of toys. Some dogs might love plush toys while others might prefer rubber balls or bones.

Generally speaking, though, most dogs find some kind of toy enjoyable because playing is in their nature. Toys allow dogs to release their energy and natural curiosity in a safe way, which makes them happy. Plus, when given a new toy to play with, most dogs will spend hours investigating and playing with it, which is an activity that brings them joy.

What toys make dogs bored?

The best way to figure out what toys make dogs bored is to watch your dog and see which toys he or she doesn't show much interest in. Dogs usually get bored of toys that are too easy for them to chew through or that don't make any noise.

What is the strongest brand of dog toys?

Kong is the strongest brand of dog toys. Kong makes very durable rubber puppy toys and adult canine toys that are virtually indestructible. Dogs love them because they are bouncy and fun to play with, and they keep the dogs occupied for a long time. Plus, the rubber is toxin-free and safe for dogs to chew on.

What toys make dogs happy?

Toys that make dogs happy vary depending on the individual dog. Some dogs might like to play fetch with a ball, while others might prefer to chew on a bone or play tug-of-war with a rope.

It's important to remember that different breeds of dogs have different preferences, so it's best to let your dog choose his own toys. That way, he'll be more likely to enjoy playing with them and keep himself amused for hours on end.

Do dogs get emotionally attached to toys?

Yes, dogs do get emotionally attached to toys. Dogs develop attachments to objects for a variety of reasons, including because the object provides comfort and security in stressful or unfamiliar situations.

Studies have shown that dogs will often perform rituals such as carrying their toys around with them or guarding them closely and that they may even become anxious or aggressive when someone tries to take away their toy. Dogs are naturally social animals, and they often see their toys as companions. This is why many dogs will mourn the loss of a favorite toy and may even refuse to play without it. This shows that dogs do indeed form strong emotional attachments to their toys.

The greatest hide-and-seek dog toy for you? Here is our recommendation.

So, whether you’re looking for a challenging new pet toy to keep your pup stimulated or just want something to help wear them out, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top 5 hide-and-seek dog toys now and get ready to watch your furry friend have hours of fun!